Appraisals for Estate Purposes

Posted August 26, 2020

Whether you need an estate tax appraisal, an estate trust appraisal or a probate estate appraisal, we have the experience to help. The type of estate appraisal and the intended us will impact how an appraiser prepares an appraisal report. Estate appraisals by a licensed and experienced real estate appraiser are the most accurate and defensible way to value a property. The information that the appraiser needs includes:

The owners name
The property address
The date of death
The name of the estate attorney
Information on improvements made to the property

In some cases, depending on the estate, there is a need to have two separate appraisals. One determining the retrospective value on the date of death and the other with the current market value.

Every piece of real estate is unique so contact Anthem Valuation to answer questions, discuss the process and get your appraisal scheduled.